Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Excuse me sir and miss but this is not what was expected.....

I began my new job on Monday November 3 and I am already ready to punch a baby. (Dane Cook people don't take it too seriously) I have been completely bam boozled. First of all during my interview I was told that they had just moved in....I felt this was a good interpretation of what I was seeing......boxes EVERYWHERE......chaos EVERYWHERE....I have since learned that they JUST moved in over 3 months ago and "we don't believe in really keeping up with appearances" in English they don't believe in keeping their house clean. There is literally 2 inches of dirt, food, sand and garbage all over their floors. Do we live in America? I really didn't think people could live in 750,000 dollar homes yet not even run a vacuum make matters worse they don't even OWN a vacuum cleaner.....yes I said and mean it......they do not own a vacuum cleaner. Did I mention one of the children is 10 months old and is crawling on these floors and attempting to eat all the crap of their floors. Stick a fork in me I'm done. I do not know if I am strong enough to handle this situation. To make matters even worse the two older boys are the devils spawn. They do not listen to anyone EVER, they have in less than a week attempted to beat me up, beat each other, thrown food across my car, thrown food across the kitchen, throw cups out the car windows, punched the baby, and have eaten more candy than I thought was possible in a year. They completely run the entire house. I have never seen a family more in need of Dr. Phil, Opera, Nanny 911, and GOD him/herself more in my entire life. Can ya'll do me a favor? Please pray for me.............because at this point it may be the only thing that saves me. I'd write more but these 15 hour days are kicking my ass.

Live Love Laugh

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Courtney said...

And I am so much happier now that H called you and it's all worked out. Just a couple more months, right?