Friday, November 28, 2008

Here we go again

So I have yet to begin writing about my love life and I'm a little hesitant to begin now....for a few reasons.......the most important being.......I can be an IDIOT when it comes to guys and who wants to admit all their flaws to a bunch of people they don't know...........but hey "we" all have our strengths and weaknesses right?!? here goes nothing.

I recently got out of a completely toxic relationship. It was short lived (thank goodness) but it was horrible....the short version.....he was thirteen years my elder two kids....(whom I never met) a crazy ex wife, always broke, always "borrowing money" which of course I NEVER saw again, very controlling....basically the type of guy who you never want to see your daughter date.....because of my past history.....which includes numerous tales of me trying to save basically every man I've ever dated from themselves and every different type of woe you can imagine....yeah it's been an interesting life.....maybe I'll elaborate some other time......but in this case I was actually proud of myself from walking away before I got serious burned emotionally, monetarily, or even more frightening physically. WooHoo one point for

I am about to jump back on the horse yet again........and to be honest with myself and everyone else I am not completely sure I am ready. I am not convinced I am strong enough yet. I do not want to fall back into the old traps. None the less I have my first date since the break up tomorrow. I am beyond nervous. I hope I can keep a level head.....keep my eyes and ears open and watch out for ALL the warning me luck ya'll and I'll keep you posted on the latest adventures. *SMILE*

Live Love Laugh,


Courtney said...

We still haven't had much time to talk about your date. Calling hours are over at 8 tonight if you're still up after that, give me a call.

Courtney said...

So, when are you going to write again?