Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Ding,ding,ding....and the winner is?

After a weekend of wondering the verdict came in and.....the boss threw the book at me...or in this case the contract. I was informed that in my contract it states that I will be available for up to 60 hour weeks....soooooo if she wants to she could be technically making me work until 7. She went on to say that although we have a gentleman's agreement that sometimes things change and I signed the contact. The kicker to the entire thing is that before I signed the agreement I told her that this was too many hours andshe offered to change the contract if I felt more comfortable...and me being stupid told her I trusted her and the fact that she would abide by the guidelines that we had discussed....lmfaoooooo(sorry needed to laugh that one out before I punched the wall) That being said of course she now can throw the contract up in my face and there is virtually nothing I can do about it....with her big old attitude Im actually anticipating things getting much worse in this situation....so now I'm just trying to brace myself for even longer days....the good guy loses again....who would have guessed...but another lessoned learned.....gentleman's agreements dont mean jack.....lmfaoooooo....shoot me in the foot it might be less painful.
Live Love Dream

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